Alegeus Recognizes San Antonio’s The Health Collaborative With A $10,000 Donation

Alegeus Recognizes San Antonio’s The Health Collaborative With A $10,000 Donation The generous gift will help expand community programs in Bexar County of family health and wellness, youth mental illness, health literacy and immunization education WHO: Alegeus and San Antonio’s The Health Collaborative – Elizabeth Lutz, Executive Director The Health Collaborative – Pilar Oates, The … Continued

Teen Uses Art to Discuss Depression, Bullying

SAN ANTONIO – A local teenager is putting down her smartphone and picking up a paintbrush to raise awareness to mental health problems in schools. Life is a canvas. Each brushstroke is a setback, a success, a story. “It’s a way to clear my mind,” 17-year-old Jazmyn Frederick says. “A lot of my work is … Continued

Food Banks Take On a Contributor to Diabetes: Themselves

HOUSTON — Lola Lathon couldn’t afford to buy the leafy greens or lean meat displayed so alluringly at the grocery store. Instead, she ate cheap staples like white rice and potatoes, and occasionally went hungry for days before her next paycheck because she needed gas money to get to work. It was not an ideal … Continued

Elder Abuse Down, But Problem Remains

SAN ANTONIO — Since 2010, confirmed cases of elder abuse in Bexar County are down nearly 54%. On the surface, it’s encouraging news. But advocates say the number doesn’t tell the whole story: the senior population has grown dramatically yet caseloads have stayed the same. Because of that, there’s a huge concern cases of elder abuse are … Continued

Bridging The Gap Between Young and Old

In this youth-obsessed culture, it’s not too surprising that some young people view older people with disdain. The problem, some researchers say, is when that “ageism” results in negative discrimination, or if younger people develop an unhealthy fear of getting older themselves. Or worse, when older people are exposed to negative stereotypes about aging — … Continued